NORAH auf der Inter-Noise 2016 / NORAH at IN16

NORAH-Wissenschaftler auf dem Kongress ICA2016

Einige NORAH-Wissenschaftler werden Projekte auf der ICA 2016 (22nd International Congress on Acoustics) in Buenos Aires vorstellen:

NORAH scientists will present their projects at ICA2016 (Buenos Aires):

Guski, R., Klatte, M., Moehler, U., Müller, U., zur Nieden, A. & Schreckenberg, D. (2016). NORAH (Noise Related Annoyance, Cognition, and Health): Research Questions, Designs, and Main Results.

Müller, U., Elmenhorst, E.-M., Mendolia, F., Basner, M., McGuire, S. & Aeschbach, D. (2016). Effects of Nocturnal Air and Rail Traffic Noise on Sleep.

Spilski, J., Bergström, K., Möhler, U., Mayerl, J., Lachmann, T. & Klatte, M. (2016). Effects of aircraft noise on children’s reading and quality of instruction in German primary schools: results from the NORAH study.

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